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Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are essential devices used to prevent leakage between two rotating or reciprocating parts in various types of machinery and equipment. They provide a reliable and efficient sealing solution in applications where traditional packing or gaskets may not be sufficient.

Widest Range

We manufacture and supply all common industry standard Mechanical Seal types and dimensional standards, in addition to providing the largest range of equipment specific Mechanical Seal replacements for all major global pump manufacturers.

Superior Product Quality and Manufacture

Exceptional design capability combined with a company-wide quality ethos, as well as extensive in-house electronic production and inspection control systems gives us absolute quality, traceability and cost control of our products. This gives you assured consistency of supply, quality and reliability to confidently service your customers.

OEM Replacement Mechanical Seals

Our OEM Mechanical Seal range has been created to provide distributors the ability to support market demands for the maintenance and repair of OEM pumps, compressors and rotary equipment.

All designs have been created with a focus to remove common issues and failure causes, increase ease of fitting and deliver ultimate performance through use of high quality and carefully chosen materials.

Our unique and extensive OEM database quickly allows the identification of the required Mechanical Seal using only the OEM pump model or part numbers.

  • Grundfos®

A wide range of special designs to fit pump models series CP, LP, CR, S, SE, SV, Hygiana®, Hygia®, Maxana®, Dura®, Contra®, Durietta® and Sipla®.

  • Allweiler®

Special designed seals to suit pump models BAS, SPF, ZAS, ZASV, SOB, SOH, L, LV. In addition to standard range Type 8DIN, Type 8DINS, Type 24 and Type 1677M to suit many more pump models.

  • APV®

An extensive range of seal design replacement Seals to fit pump series W, W+, Puma®, ZM, Cleanline®, DW and many more

  • KSB®

A wide range of Seals for A.P.V.® centrifugal and waste-water pumps. Special designs to suit pump series ETA, SY, AMA, KRT, SEWA and many more.

  • ITT Flygt®

An extensive range of Mechanical Seals, 'O'-Ring Kits AND Lip Seals to fit Flygt® and Grindex® submersible pumps. Easy to fit with no setting tools. All pump models covered just contact Perfect Seal with your pump details.

  • Fristam®

A wide range of components and complete Seal Sets, offered in FDA specified compliant materials, to directly replace the O.E.M. Seal components. Further special designs to suit specific pumps models FPX, FT, FK, FKL50, FL, FLF.

  • Lowara®

A wide range of Seals for I.T.T. Lowara® centrifugal pumps. Special designs to suit pump series FC, FH, SH, CE, CO, SV, SVI, e-SV. In addition to standard range Type 13 and 13.DIN to suit many more pump models.

  • Alfa Laval®

An extensive range of special design Mechanical Seals, offered in FDA specified complaint materials. To fit pump model series LKR, ALC, CONTERM®, TRI-CLOVER®, MOG, LKPL, SR, SRU, LKH, LKHI, LKHP, LKHSP, FMO, FM1A, FM3A, FM4A, MRI66A, GM1, GM2, MR185A, MR200A.

Additional OEM pump replacement Mechanical Seals

  • ABS®

  • Andritz®

  • Bock®

  • CSF Inox®

  • Ebara®

  • Eureka®

  • FRICK®

  • GEA Tuchenhagen®

  • Godwin®

  • Gormann-Rupp®

  • Haigh®

  • Hidrostal®

  • Honda®

  • Howden®

  • Imo®


  • ITT Grindex®

  • Jabsco®

  • Johnson SPX®

  • Kolmeks®

  • Mission Magnum®

  • Sabroe® / Carrier®

  • SPP®

  • STAL® / Thermo King®

  • Sterling SIHI®

  • Terex Pegson®

  • Tsurumi®

  • Viking®

  • WEMCO®

  • Wilo-EMU®

®All product names, brands and trademarks shown are property of their respective owners, are for identification purposes only, and do not imply affiliation nor endorsement.

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