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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ section! Here, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about our company and the services we provide. If you have any queries or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!

Where is your company located?

Our company is situated in the heart of Transylvania, in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


What kind of products and services do you provide?

We are a one stop industrial shop and we provide complete sealing solutions and machined finished parts from a wide range of rubber, plastic materials, aluminium and brass.


Where do you source your materials from?

All the materials used in our machining process are manufactured by top companies from western Europe, mostly located in Germany.


What is your shortest and the average lead-time?

Our shortest lead time is 1-2 working days, depending on the availability of the material in stock, and our average delivery time is 2-3 weeks.


Get in Touch

Beiusului nr.5, Cluj-Napoca, 400394 Romania


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